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Great and superbly thrilling game always a good time to run away from a creepy crawler much love for this!!

The game was amazing.The game designing,the sound and the creepiness really made me nervous.Waiting for a jumpscare but thank God there were no jumpscare.The atmosphere was really good.Really liked the graphics,cant wait to play the full game.And also try to make it more optimized.Overall really good game so a 9.5/10:).I would be nice if i can get your discord,we can talk.

I have unfortunately had to put development of the full game on hold for the moment but I'm really glad to hear you liked the teaser.

The sound design and atmosphere is great! 10/10 short game

Thanks, I'm currently working on a full/extended version of the game.

Creepy game :D Awesome!

Very good graphics, visual effects and sound effects are also available, everything seems to be in place, if only the game could be extended.

I'm glad you liked it. I have started working on a longer version of the gam. 

Great and superbly thrilling game always a good time to run away from a creepy crawler much love for this!!

Hell of a game glad i came upon this one. The graphics wow this might be way too short but it sure is not a sleeper .Creepy has hell and that monster well done. Hope to see more fantastic game like this i would of played this for a hour i wanted more. 

I have started working on a longer version but I'm not sure when it will come out.

This game was tons of fun and the spooks were well made, I really enjoyed the experience. Felt like playing through a nice horror flick and the visuals were gorgeous. Of course, like a horror movie, I ran immediately because you know what's coming. Great job, thanks for creating!

I'm happy to hear you liked it.

Excellent work! Very creepy. Like PT, but I could actually work out what to do!

I never got to play PT but I hear it was very unfriendly to players

hola !!! queria comentarte que jugue a tu videojuego y me FASCINO !! demasiado creepyy jajaja esas criaturas estan muy bien hechassss !! , te dejo aqui mi gameplay : ) 

Very nice graphics and atmosphere. Wish I could see more of it! (Pt-BR)

scary, monkey music from the wizard of oz.

Super well made, thank you for the scares!

Glad you liked it.

love this game creepy wow :):):)


Really Really enjoyed this one. It has such great atmosphere, and love the sound design in this. I look forward to the full thing. Well it says teaser, so I assume there will be a full thing. If so, I so want to try it out once it is done. 

The only critique I would say is, one I ended up clipping in the door for the closet, which lead to some great scares and laughs, but I believe that is something that can be fully ironed out. Beyond that, it's a solid teaser, and I look forward to your future work :). 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I think you may be the first to get stuck in the door. I've started working on the full game so I'll make sure I iron out the issues. 

This game is one of my favorites! Awesome graphics and frightening! The creature looked like the LICKER from RESIDENT EVIL 2!

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SAM HAI NO PHOBIA | Escape from a very creepy apartment. (Full Subtitles)

Good graphics. I like it.

I'm glad you Liked the graphics. 

Me gustó mucho el juego. Es corto y directo al grano. Desde que empieza no sabes qué sucede y comienza el terror.


I loved it! It actually scared me a couple of times. It was a great game to kick off the new year! it is the 3rd game. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

What the hell, I literally joined and it lagged so much, it wasn't even playable.

I'm sorry to hear it was laggy. Did you try lowering some of the quality settings?  

Actually I did, but when I pressed windows it was so smooth and when i went in full screen mode it lagged a bit. Sorry I just had to launch it again.

Played this game at 19:23. I really enjoyed!I kinda broke the game when the creature came at me 😂 but didn't affect my enjoyment and I was very scared.

Check out my video.

Glad to see you enjoyed it :)

Very much so! Feel free to reach out for your next game I'd love to try it.

This was one of my favorite games I played in 2021 so I had to put it in my channel's 2021 recap

I'm glad you see it was worthy enough. Good luck with the channel :)

Really creepy...almost made me jump out of my seat!!

It's good to see the game can spook.

I absolutely loved this game!! Very spooky and scary lol I thought for sure I was gonna get caught when the creature came after me, Great Job!! 

I honestly don't know what I just played....But I like it 

Nice game

Interesting demo and fun use of the PT assets, would be happy to check out the finished game

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Really Nice Horror Game!


Loved it, my PC recorded it laggy but still amazing. first gameplay.

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This is a fantastic game! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the atmosphere, and the shock of needing to suddenly hide from the naked creepy-crawly! I definitely can’t wait to see more from this & you! Thank-you for this game 🥳

scary game

Hello everyone!  Remember to be AMAZING and SCARED!


very short, but quite interesting. I didn't took a look at the monster because I escaped from it hahaha Just wanted to point out that the layout of the apartments were really weird, but details, details... Good job overall!

short and sweet with a great ambiance to it! 

i'm surpirised, this stuff is pretty good. optimized well too. found one bug though as the monster can get stuck in a door then disappaer

This Game Was Brilliant So Well designed it reminded me of Pt its Brilliant!!
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